The abrasives industry

The German abrasives industry with approximately 7.000 employees generates an annual turnover of around EUR 1 billion. By European and also by global standards, it holds a leading position in terms of innovation, quality and environmental friendliness of its products and manufacturing facilities. The export ratio depends strongly on the product and ranges between 30 % and 70 %. The German abrasives manufacturers are mainly medium-sized traditional companies with a high level of specialist competence of the responsible experts.

German abrasive products are indispensable in many key industries (e. g. automobile industry, mechanical engineering, metal-processing industry, wood processing industry, foundries, building construction and civil engineering, glass industry). The leverage effect of these user industries is enormous: approx. 3 million employees and a turnover volume of around EUR 570 billion depend directly or indirectly on abrasive products and abrasive applications.