In order to safeguard the interests of individual groups of members, especially the manufacturers of the same products, and to process the specific issues of these groups, the member companies of the VDS are assigned into one or more specialist groups based on their range of products. Currently, these are:

  • Bonded abrasives manufacturers
  • Flex-wheel manufacturers (reinforced cut-off wheels)
  • Coated Abrasive manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of superabrasives for stone and construction
  • Manufacturers of superabrasives precision

Many of the activities of the association are related to all groups of manufacturers, others are aimed at the member companies of an individual specialist group. Besides the specialist groups with their own management structure, there are technical committees and working groups, who are able to tackle each topic within the VDS field of activity quickly and efficiently.

It is the task of the working groups to assess current political developments at national and European level with regard to possible repercussions for the abrasives industry and to develop solutions for the association. Besides the permanent working groups “environment” and “occupational and product safety”, ad hoc working groups are convened as required. The technical committees of the VDS generally get active on behalf of the working groups. They develop technical guidelines for abrasives and are substantially involved in all standardization related to the abrasives industry at DIN, CEN, and ISO level.