About us

The German Abrasives Association (VDS) was founded on 17 January 1917 in Berlin. With currently 59 member companies, the VDS is Europe`s largest national organisation of abrasive manufactures in Europe. The VDS represents the abrasives industry in technical, economic, environmental, and legal policy issues. As a federal association with a very high degree of organisation, it also supports manufacturers in Switzerland and Austria.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, the VDS has the tasks,

  • to represent and support the general economic and legal policy interests of its member companies as a whole,
  • to advise and support the member companies in all professional and occupational issues connected to the production and sale of abrasives,
  • to support the technical concerns of the abrasives industry as standardization, safety, test and marking requirements
  • to establish connections between the members and public authorities and to advise these public departments by providing information, expert opinions, statistical surveys etc. in the interest of all member companies.

This leads to the key topics of technology, environment, economy, and legislation. The VDS is therefore the competent contact partner for authorities and associations in all economic, political, and legal issues connected to the abrasives industry.