VDS Member Companies

Ordinary members of the VDS are manufacturers of abrasive tools employing a minimum of 10 people. Currently, the VDS has 55 members (as of January 2015). The articles of the VDS allow a membership of abrasive tool manufacturers from the EU member countries, Norway and Switzerland.

Our extraordinary membership is designed for companies producing and distributing important raw materials for the manufacture of abrasive tools.

Interested companies are kindly requested to advise their interest in joining VDS by sending an informal letter to the Secretary General. The VDS Board will decide on the acceptance of the application. Detailed application conditions can be obtained from the VDS office.


Bonded abrasives manufacturers

Flex-wheel manufacturers (reinforced cut-off wheels)

Coated Abrasive Manufacturers

Manufacturers of superabrasives for stone and construction

Manufacturers of superabrasives precision

Extraordinary members


Verband Deutscher Schleifmittelwerke e.V.
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